“Explore, understand and express the poet within you”

Becoming a Poet
Prices from €2,095 per person per week

7 day Learning Programmes available in August, 2018

19th August

eCALA Becoming a Poet Icon CreatePátmos island has long been a retreat for artists, and you too will find here an inspirational setting in which to develop your poetic voice and stimulate your creativity.

The programme will take a variety of creative approaches to develop your poetry appreciation and writing skills. Experiential exercises in this stunning physical environment feature throughout the week, which is suitable both for those who want to begin and those who want to improve their poetry writing.

The week will include an exploration of poems with an invitation to creatively respond to themes, poets and different poetic forms – in order to develop a deeper understanding of poetic writing.

You will consider what it is to read and behave as a poet, as well as learn approaches for getting inspired – and for turning this inspiration into poetry.

There will be sharing and discussion within the small group, including a chance to give and receive feedback on your poetry towards the end of the week. You will learn to make more discerning judgements about your own work.

You will also have at least two 1-1s with your teacher, where you can focus on areas of your poetry that need attention and receive tuition on how to address them.

Led by a published and awarded author and poet, who is also renowned in the writing community as an exceptional teacher.

Take advantage of the whole eCALA experience to further stimulate your creativity – massage, meditation, kayaking, snorkelling, boat trips, ‘Ted’ type talks and relaxation therapies!

Becoming a Poet
Becoming a Poet

How to book

Step one: Once you have identified the learning programme you want to attend, in the ‘Book Accommodation’ form, select your preferred accommodation arrangements and the programme start date in the calendar and add these to the cart. This secures your stay in one of our luxury domes for the period of the learning programme.


  • When you book a 2 week stay, the system will automatically apply a discount of between €400 and €900, depending on whether you are travelling alone or with a companion. If you would like to book two non consecutive 1 week programmes please contact us so that we can make sure you enjoy this discount.
  • Domes are available for single or dual occupancy, i.e. a maximum of 2 people per dome.
  • The accommodation booking form is asking for the number of people, not the number of domes. Please ensure you correctly enter your requirements into the occupancy fields, see examples below:
    • Example 1: If you are booking one dome for one person, please put 1 in the single occupancy field. This will book 1 dome for you.
    • Example 2: If you are booking one couple sharing a dome please put 2 in the dual occupancy field. This will book 1 dome for you.
    • Example 3: If you are booking 2 friends, who don’t want to share a dome, please put 2 in the single occupancy field. This will book 2 domes for you.
    • Example 4: If you are booking 4 friends, all wanting to share domes, please put 4 in the dual occupancy field. This will book 2 domes for you.

Step two: Go to your chosen learning programme page to make your learning programme booking. Select your programme start date and your second week activity if you are staying for two weeks (or choose N/A for the second week if you are staying for one week), and add these to your cart. Programmes listed in the checkout will appear as €0.00 as the cost is included in your accommodation booking.


  • Learning programmes are 1 week unless otherwise stated.
  • If you are travelling with others and you want to attend the same learning programme/s, just indicate how many people in the numbers box.
  • If you are travelling with others and they want to book different learning programme/s to you, after adding your learning programme/s to the cart, go to the learning programme page your companion/s wants to book and repeat the same booking process for their learning programme. These learning programmes will then be listed separately on your booking when you check out.

If you have any questions please call +302247031851 or email us with questions and/or to ask us to call you.

eCALA Booking

As well as your learning programme, the eCALA experience includes your geodesic ‘dome away from home’ so booking is a two-step process; first your accommodation, then your learning programme/s. Each step below is explained in the ‘How to Book’ box on this page.

Book Accommodation

From: 2,095.00

Book Becoming a Poet



If you would prefer to book by phone, please call +302247031851

Booking office opening hours 8am-6pm

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